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You're Not Alone

  • Over 6 million families have kids with ADHD. 
  • ​Over 5 million families have kids with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder).
  • ​Over 9 million families struggle with juvenile anxiety and depression.
  • ​Suicide has become the #1 cause of death for teenagers worldwide.
I was dependent on concerta for my 6-year-old ADHD & ODD son. Nothing the therapists and doctors taught me helped. He is now behaving without medication, therapists or a shadow teacher. Thank you for giving me hope.
Pie Diaz, Orlando FL
We feel so blessed to have found Creating Champions For Life. My son was lying and extremely defiant. He is now happy and grateful, and taking responsibility for his own actions. 
Vivek & Sukanya Rathod, Cary NC
My 6 year old son is feeling more positive about himself and having way less tantrums. The family therapist and child psychologist were of little to no help compared to Bonnie and Thomas!
Terri Bottari, Chicago IL

Positive Solutions That Work For ADHD and ODD Kids

You deserve a coach with consistent, positive success solutions that will work to produce teamwork and harmony in your home.

We'll show you how to get your kids to:
  •  listen to you the first time you ask
  • be more responsible
  • ​be respectful
  • ​take initiative
  • ​work with you as a team
  • ​become independent
  • ​step into their champion self.
Don't waste years of trial and error, spending tens of thousands on therapy and counselling only to end up in the exact same spot 10 years from now. Your child's life is literally at stake along with your sanity and overall enjoyment of your child's childhood. 

Children will:
  • lie
  • cheat
  • steal
  • ​become victim to chance
  • ​have no idea of their true capabilities
  • ​end up being bullied
  • ​have a good chance of falling into depression
  • ​become anxious 
  • ​fail in school
  • ​get fired from jobs
  • ​fail in their relationships
  • ​get caught up in adversities.
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