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We'll help you raise the cooperative, loving and respectful kids and teenagers you've been praying for. 
Get the Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids book and the ADHD & ODD Solutions Webclass, so you can have hope, start healing and create happiness for your family. 

Vivek Rathod 
Cary, NC

My son is a brand new kid. This is like MAGIC! Thank you, CCFL!
Vivek Rathod
Cary, NC
You Deserve a Solid Plan for Success
Whatever your parenting style is right now, if you're tired of being confused and lost from contradictory parenting advice, you're in the right place. 

You've probably been directed to therapy, counselling, and maybe even medication to help your ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) child.  That is a dead end route that will leave your family in chaos and arguments for the remainder of your child's involvement in your life. 

Stop the madness by investing a little time right now into your parent education. It's not your fault your children are being diagnosed with behavior disorders, but it is your responsibility to make the changes. 

You deserve a great parent guide who will always have consistent, positive and powerful solutions that really work to teach self-control, responsibility and self-discipline in a loving and proactive way. 
Simple Steps to Success

Step #1

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Step #2

Download and read Raising Healthy, Happy, Cooperative Kids so you can have hope, bring healing and create happiness in your home with your children.

Step #3

Instant access to the powerful ADHD and ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) Awareness & Solutions Webclass so you can see exactly how we can help your family positively transform. 

Susana Velles

Before there was constant chaos. Now there's peace in my home!!! You guys changed my life!

kimberly Kerins Lacouvee

This  absolutely changed our lives from completely out of control to happy, cooperative and peaceful.  I see love!

Honey Basha

YOU ARE “ANGELS FROM HEAVEN" Thank you for the tools to gain cooperation and harmony with my almost adult child. Your course changed our lives! 
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